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“Fred led our senior leadership team through a complex transition and made it seem simple. His passion to serve others, and deliver outside perspectives is a work of art.
He was able to assess each individual and give them the counsel they needed in order to make their careers a success.
We could not have done it without Fred’s wisdom shining through.”

Don Barden


The Perfect Plan of Companies

"Fred is a man of high integrity and a wealth of experience. He was able to connect with and coach key contributors on my staff on both a professional and personal level to shape their behavior and drive results for the organization.  Additionally, Fred was a great asset to my leadership team and helped facilitate and lead our strategic planning process through the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model."

Rob MacLane
3Ci, An MAU division

"It is important as an executive to have a 'personal board of directors' outside of the organization you are with.  I have worked with Fred since I was an Executive Producer, then CTO for a small business, then CTO for a medium business and on to a COO.  Fred has been there through it all.  His perspective, guidance, and encouragement have absolutely shaped who I am today for the positive, and I can safely say I would not have done what I have done without him."

Andy Borgmann
GA Foods

“Fred is a seasoned and gifted coach. He has helped me countless times identify roadblocks in my path and think through solutions that helped me fulfill my vision. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Justin Ely

Lead Pastor

Christ Fellowship Church

“Fred helped me get outside of the trees so I could focus on the important part of growing myself and my business. Regularly meeting with him allowed me to refocus and get out of the minutia of the everyday running of a business.”

Seth Peabody

Managing Partner


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